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Reputable contractors use reputable chemical suppliers

You’ve come across those “splash-n-dash” pressure washing amateurs. They do shoddy work for low-ball prices, using cheap detergents. They’ve never read a Material Safety Data Sheet, because, well, they just don’t care. What would their customers think if they knew...
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Man vs. Dirt: A history of cleaning chemicals

Before there was much of anything to clean, there was water. As mankind’s first cleaning chemical, it was a pretty effective one; you could easily wash the mud off your hands in a waterfall, puddle or ocean. Because of its molecular structure, many substances simply...
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Chemical Section

How to Wash Stuff

There is no one way to wash any surface. This data is meant to help people that don’t know how to wash and need guidelines. This information recommends certain cleaning chemicals, operating techniques, and methods that are proven to work. This guide is not meant to insult anyone that does the same job in a different way.  Read More…